Drew Douglass

Web Developer. Customer Service Expert. Project Manager.
Hockey Fanatic.
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I'm an online community and customer support specialist with an knack for programming, web development, and the tech field in general. I have held many senior positions at successful e-commerce and web startups, such as Envato & Copter Labs. In these positions, I've worked many different roles and have been blessed enough to acquire many useful skill sets for these positions. I firmly believe in treating everyone you encounter in life and at the workplace from a position of empathy, understanding, and kindness. I also believe it is these traits that allow me to excel in the community and customer support roles I've worked in.


Amanda Hackwith / Editor, Writer, Content Geek

Drew is a fantastic team leader with a keen sense of community management and the ability to reach out and resolve nearly any customer issue. While working with him, I especially valued his boundless passion for the community and natural gift at sharing his passion and knowledge with others. He was a natural rallying point and favorite spokesperson in any community he worked in.

Jordan McNamara / Communications Manager at Envato

Drew was an excellent assistant manager for the support team. I relied on him heavily to help run the day to day operations of the growing support team at Envato. Drew was reliable and was happy to go above and beyond whenever needed. His attitude towards work and friendly demeanour and communication style made every day a pleasure!

Baz Deas / Senior UX/UI Designer

I've worked with Drew on numerous projects and he's always been a pleasure to work with. His code is excellent and well commented, which makes it easy for a humble web designer like me to wrap my head around. You won't find many talented web developers out there who have their own well traffic'd blog and a successful screencast on the most popular web development tutorial site; but Drew has all those.

Adrian Try/ Editor at Envato

Drew has an amazing talent of relating to people. His interactions with the community are positive and well-received, whether providing support, posting on the forums, hosting the podcast, or writing on the blog. Envato will miss him!

Matthew Guay/ Marketing at Zapier

Drew did a great job making our global Envato team feel like a tight-knit group, and was always there when we needed help.